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Guide for Becoming an Entrepreneur

This guide provides you with a comprehensive package for starting a company.

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Establishing Your Restaurant or Cafeteria Guide

There are many regulations you need to know when starting a restaurant or a cafeteria.

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Marketing Guide

This guide goes through the basics of marketing and advertising. Download guide in Finnish.

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How to become an entrepreneur in Finland

The City of Helsinki offers advice and help to support the entrepreneurship ofpeople with immigrant background at NewCo Helsinki. Information sessions on howto establish a company, entrepreneurial courses, networking events, andpersonal guidance are available for immigrants.

Video materials

Different Forms of Entrepreneurship(For English subtitles, please switch on subtitles)
Why do I need a business plan? (For English subtitles, please switch on subtitles)
Business idea and SWOT (For English subtitles, please switch on subtitles)

Event materials

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How To Get Your Startup Funded? 6.11.2017